About us

We respect our environment and know we need to build better-performing homes for us and future generations. This helps to protect our planet and it also provides you with a healthier and more comfortable home.

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About Baumann Builders

We could talk forever about what we do and how we do it because we’re truly passionate about building healthy, energy-efficient and simply superior performance houses.  These criteria are not only beneficial for you, our customer, but for your future generations and the future of our planet. We provide excellent workmanship and high-quality results on every build, extension and renovation we do. But talk isn’t proof, so scroll down to see how Baumann Builders action these values.

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The People Behind
Baumann Builders

Because we are a husband and wife team who live and work so closely together, your build is planned, discussed, and worked on from dawn till dusk. We are a unique multinational couple. Erika grew up in Switzerland and has lived in New Zealand for over 30 years. Phil is passionate about intelligent design and building systems. s a hardworking switched on Kiwi bloke. That means we both understand and appreciate the high standard of quality workmanship evident in Swiss-built houses, and the unique environmental build conditions here in New Zealand.

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Our Passion for
Innovative Building

Phil loves researching innovative products and designs. This keeps us abreast of the latest cost-effective and energy-efficient products and building systems. These we can recommend to our clients and their architects. And because we are experienced in building with Structural Insulated Panels and specialize in energy-efficient builds, we select our team, suppliers and subcontractors carefully to ensure they hold the same values as us. This means we provide a superior build experience, taking the stress out of it for you.

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Our Responsibility

Wherever possible we recycle and minimize building waste. We are conscious of looking after our environment so not only do you get an energy-efficient home for your future, by employing us you are caring for the environment in the building process itself.

For us, building code is a bare minimum standard. We believe in “best practice” principles and go well above and beyond building code. So, though we are careful to stay within your budget, our specialty remains energy saving, high-performance buildings for you.

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Working With You

With that in mind, we keep you informed every step of the way. Building your own home is big, it’s personal, and it should be exciting! We are committed to understanding you, so we can build you a home that fits your lifestyle. We believe the building process is a team effort between you and us. With our commitment to communication and openness, we make working with us the best possible building experience you can have.

What’s in it for You?

Early engagement means we add value right at the start of the design process. We use our experience in construction and understanding of build costs so it’s important to have the architect – engineer– builder team established before going too far with the design process. That team effort includes you. We communicate clearly and work closely with youth roughout the building project.

So if you want something unique, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, give us a call now for a chat about how we can help you achieve it

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Our Values

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Integrity - The Best Foundation For Your Home

Building your own home is big, it is personal, and it should be exciting. We are committed to understanding you so we can build a unique home that fits you and your lifestyle. The building process is a team effort between you and us, our commitment to effective communication and openness makes it an enjoyable experience for you.

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Quality - Without Compromise

Every project gets our full personal attention, and because we focus on every small detail and use a tight quality control system, you get superior quality workmanship. We go well and truly beyond minimum standards and apply best practice principles.

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Responsibility - Care For Our Planet And Future Generations

We are environmentally conscious and believe in building high-performance energy-efficient homes for generations to come.

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Innovation - Our Pathway Forward

We have a passion for innovative design and building practices. We work with partners that hold the same values as us and we are using proven intelligent building methods.

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Wellbeing - Above All

We believe your new home should improve your everyday life and we are dedicated to creating environments that make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you walk in.