Preserve and Improve

There are many reasons why you might want to stay in your existing home, we can help you transform it into something unique and comfortable that fits your lifestyle
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A Baumann Builders newly built grey house side view

Imagine what your house could look like

We love sitting down with you chatting about what we can do to bring your visions to life. It might be extending your living space that is too small, updating your bathroom and giving it the wow factor or turning your kitchen into a space that brings out your inner chef. Because we have transformed so many houses, we can give you loads of ideas from small tweaks to big changes to achieve the look and feel you will love.

Our process


It’s all about you

Tell us what your vision is, what it looks like and what it feels like. What are your priorities? Our commitment to understanding you means we work together to achieve the best possible result for you.


Building the team

We have established relationships with architects, engineers and subcontractors and put together a team that fits you and your project.



We now compile a detailed scope of work and provide a clear pricing structure. We also engage an architect, engineer or interior designer as required and agreed with you, or work with your team



Our handpicked team and subcontractors get to work and you can see your vision and plans come to life step by step.



Enjoy your improved and more functional home.

A Baumann Builders newly built grey house

We offer a free consultation to determine what is right for you and establish the best team for your project.

Energy Efficient Homes

Our biggest feature is Energy Efficient Homes, we do look after the environment by minimising building waste and recycling where possible.

Energy Efficient Homes

The building envelope is crucial in achieving an energy efficient home. This includes your floor, wall structure, roof and windows. If energy efficiency is a priority for you, this is where our focus will be for design and construction.

Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Heating, cooling & ventilation are an integral part of an energy efficient house. It is important that these are considered from an early stage of design to ensure they can be integrated into the structure of the home to provide maximum comfort levels and efficiency.


Whilst you can measure the low running costs of an energy efficient home in Dollars and Cents, there is nothing more valuable than the true comfort and healthy living environment it provides for you.

Energy Efficiency

Building an energy efficient home starts with intelligent design, engineering that considers thermal bridging and meticulous attention to detail during construction. We have the experience, expertise and dedication to deliver superior results in all these areas.